Art Exhibition Review: Open House Galas Porras-Kim

By: Lara Saikali

The week before Christmas, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California. I went to see the Felix Gonzales Torres Untitled (Placebo) installation, which is considered to be iconic in the Art World. I walked in, and I saw it, and I felt like I was experiencing a piece of history, in my opinion. This exhibition review is to not sway you into thinking a certain way about the artwork being discussed. I encourage you to look at the piece when you go to MOCA on Grand Avenue and form your own opinion. I am just…




Art Lover, Critical Thinker, and Life Learner

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Lara Caresse Saikali

Lara Caresse Saikali

Art Lover, Critical Thinker, and Life Learner

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